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Ready To Start Driving Traffic?

  • Decide on which premium package you wish to purchase and click NEXT to go to the next form page.

  • Fill in your First & Last Name, Email address, enter the website or web page that you wish to have your visitors go to once they CLICK your link in the creative ad copy, we send out on your behalf to our growing list of responsive opportunity seekers and create a name for your campaign.

NOTE: Websites that have opt in or sign-up pages tend to get a greater response than just sending our subscribers to a website that is all information based with no real easy opt in form to fill out.

  • Read and acknowledge our policy procedure, then click the SUBMIT button and you will be taken to the payment page where you can pay via credit or with debit card for your premium clicks package.

  • Once payment is received, our team will then prepare your campaign to start going out within 24 to 48 hours. 

It’s just that simple. Select a package, enter your information, pay for the package and we do the rest!

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What to Anticipate After Placing Your Order:

Once your order is placed and payment is received for your campaign, we will carefully review your link to ensure it complies with our guidelines (e.g., no adult content).

Following the review, we will begin preparing your campaign for dispatch, typically within 24 to 48 business hours.

Once your campaign is live, you will receive an email notification from, which will also include a link/url to a page where you can monitor the performance statistics (clicks) of your campaign.

Our goal is to provide you with up to a 10% overage, meaning that if you order 100 premium clicks, you may receive up to 110 total clicks (visits) to the page we are promoting for you.

Please Read:  You acknowledge that once visitors have been initiated, your order becomes non-refundable. We make no assurances regarding revenue or profits generated from the purchased traffic on this page. However, we do guarantee that you will receive the exact amount of traffic you've purchased. Please note that outcomes may vary as each program and system is distinct.

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